The power of prayer

Absent Healing

“Absent healing is a form of healing via energy which is transmitted through the universe to a person by the power of thought and visualization. Absent or distant healing is performed in people's absence. The healers include those who practice spiritual healing and use prayer, meditation, or visualization therapy to link themselves to the divine or mystical healing forces which are then channeled by the higher power to people, thus activating their power to heal themselves.” - copperwiki

I have enlisted a group of gifted healers to meet together bi-weekly, merging our individual energies to pray for followers and believers who need spiritual healing.

The group gathers all the requests sent to us by letter or e-mail. We channel our energies to empower those requesting assistance to help themselves overcome the negative forces in their lives.

Should you wish to be included in our next prayer session for yourself or loved ones (including pets), please click on:

Request Prayers

It is important to include the name and location (not address) along with the problem for which you wish prayers.




My Prayer cards are available free of charge through the National Examiner.  Just send your request for type of card along with a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Dear Tony Prayer Cards
National Examiner
PO Box 3086
Boca Raton, FL 33431-0986

Brenda, Hillsboror Beach, FL:  My friend’s daughter was born with breathing problems.  The doctors said it would be weeks before she could leave NICU.  I asked for your help. Two days later she made a miraculous improvement and her parents took her home.
Thanks for all the good we have on your site. It makes a big difference in my life.
I wish there were more of it. It's food for my soul and for other people too.
Love, Iris (Via e-mail)
F. (Via e-mail):  Some months ago I asked for help to lose weight. I have lost 23 pounds and am Dianne still able to stay on my plan.  It is not much but it is a start on a long journey.
Dear Tony,
Thank you for prayers to my mother & the healing. She had a complicated surgery in general, in which they found a massive tumor (surprisingly to surgeons) it was benign for cancer but starting to turn! You helped her with emotional healing, giving her the strength to get a procedure done that she has put off for years-in which saved her life! God works in mysterious ways & your heal a thon with your recent prayers helped! Thank you sooo much. Melissa & Susan Boynton Beach, FL.
Carmel B. (Via e-mail): I had asked you to say a prayer that a lost check would be located and two showed up in its place.
G.F., Hallandale, FL.: Thank you and your prayer angels.  I wrote regarding a lump in my breast.  After your Heat-Athon, the doctor told me the lump had gone.”
Dear Mr. Tony, I want to share with you the wonderful change in my son, he is his old self no more abusive behaviors, he's happy , his meds. were reduced and seems to be working for him, Thank you and your teams for the powerful prayers, and God's blessings. I read your articles every week.  Thank God for you.......Rose Marie, Atlanta Ga.
Joyce (via e-mail)“Thank you God, thank you Tony and thank you prayer team!  My friend Ellen finally got a job 2 weeks after I asked for your help for her.  She has been out of work almost a year!!!  I love you all”
Dennie (Via e-mail): I had asked for prayers about my daughter and son in law to NOT move away but find contentment here,,,i didn't want them to leave me here alone. After your prayers they decided to stay AND my daughter got a job offer that same week "out of the blue"( they weren't even looking ) for her improv troop to perform at a popular Comedy Club out here by the owner....Thanx soooo much ! xox
Lizzy (Via e-mail):  Dear Tony, My father received an amazing healing from you.  He had cancer on his bladder.  When the doctor went in to surgically remove the cancer, it was gone.  The doctor was shocked.  My father is 86 years old and has several other health issues that he would really like you to work on.  My father sends his many thanks for all your help.
Jessica C. (via the web) Tony you & your team are beyond aby expression youve been helping me since I was 17 years old thank you. I’m now 29 and I still want to thank you.  I keep you dear & near to my heart.
A.W. from San Diego
 I sent a request for prayer for my 83 year old aunt in Sweden, Gothenburg, who had chronic pain due to stenosis. Her pain has decreased so much she can walk around and was even able to go shopping the other day which she has not been able to do for a year.This is absolutely wonderful. She sounds so happy on the phone. She still need to have surgery for her Aortic aneurysm  but one thing at a time.
Dear Tony, Thank you for the prosperity cards.  Two days after receiving the cards, I got a refund for $500 in the mail. The refund was definitely unexpected. Thank you Lord! God is great.  Ivette (via the web)
Jody S. (via the web)
 I have sent many emails to ou and also had my palm read.  I am happy to share that all the prayers and advice have now com 100% around.  My children are now slowly surrounding me with love, my brothers and my sister are embracing me.  I no longer feel unhappy alone and unloved. I have listened to our video on addiction and I will take the necessary steps to cleanse myself from all my disgusting addictions.  I only want to be the best I can be.  I love you for all the you do and for all those you have helped.