The power of prayer

Absent Healing

“Absent healing is a form of healing via energy which is transmitted through the universe to a person by the power of thought and visualization. Absent or distant healing is performed in people's absence. The healers include those who practice spiritual healing and use prayer, meditation, or visualization therapy to link themselves to the divine or mystical healing forces which are then channeled by the higher power to people, thus activating their power to heal themselves.” - copperwiki

I have enlisted a group of gifted healers to meet together bi-weekly, merging our individual energies to pray for followers and believers who need spiritual healing.

The group gathers all the requests sent to us by letter or e-mail. We channel our energies to empower those requesting assistance to help themselves overcome the negative forces in their lives.

Should you wish to be included in our next prayer session for yourself or loved ones (including pets), please click on:

Request Prayers

It is important to include the name and location (not address) along with the problem for which you wish prayers.




My Prayer cards are available free of charge through the National Examiner.  Just send your request for type of card along with a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Dear Tony Prayer Cards
National Examiner
PO Box 3086
Boca Raton, FL 33431-0986

Brenda, Hillsboror Beach, FL:  My friend’s daughter was born with breathing problems.  The doctors said it would be weeks before she could leave NICU.  I asked for your help. Two days later she made a miraculous improvement and her parents took her home.
Thanks for all the good we have on your site. It makes a big difference in my life.
I wish there were more of it. It's food for my soul and for other people too.
Love, Iris (Via e-mail)
F. (Via e-mail):  Some months ago I asked for help to lose weight. I have lost 23 pounds and am Dianne still able to stay on my plan.  It is not much but it is a start on a long journey.
D.B. Warsaw, MO.
My doctor said my diabetes was unmanageable before the Heal -athon.  Now I’m doing so much better.  Sugar levels are manageable, even my eyesight has improved.  Thank you and your team and God for your Heal-athon.
Thanks for your prayers.  My husband’s stomach problems are a mere memory now.
Kathy in Santa Fe, NM
Pat. A. Kensington, MD
Wanted to tell you my daughter got the job after emailing you about it.  She is so happy, it comes with a fabulous raise also.  Thank you.
Thank you and your prayer team for praying for my friend Paul who needed a heart.  He received on and is doing great.  Mona C., Canada
My prayers were answered.  My boyfriend and I are now together again.  Cynthia G. via e-mail
Good news, I wrote you asking for prayers for my best friend’s husband.  The next day he began responding to antibiotics and two days later he was well enough to go home.  Thank you.  YG, Pharr, TX
Thank God, Tony, and your healing team.  My daughter has a job and my grandson was born healthy.  He weighed in 5 lbs 13 oz & 18 ins long. Gloria S., Abbeville, LA
Louise, Lewiston, ID
Last year my husband lost his keys, I emailed you to see where to find them.  You said you can see them by cans.  My husband came running in from the garden, he found the keys in the trash can.  Thanks so much!
Thank you for your very kind help in saving my house from foreclosure and helping my one-man business keep going.  You and your healing team helped me out the most.  Bill M. Park Forest, IL
Thanks, the judge dismissed the case.  No ticket, no fine, thanks again.  Annette W. Sunderland, MD
When I think of things I’m grateful for, you always come to mind.  I have been blessed by your constant guidance and help.  You are simply wonderful, your kindness is overwhelming.
Jana M., Yamhill, OR.