Have Your Own Personal or Couples Hand Analysis Video by Tony


My PERSONAL palm readings will give you a profile of your true self.  COUPLE’S readings help you better understand and relate to each other.   CHILDREN’S (over 12) readings can give you insight into the best course for their future or what’s troubling them.  Please watch the video above for my explanation of what you may expect to receive in your reading.

You will take digital pictures of both hands of the person or persons you want a reading for (see samples below) and e-mail them to us at deartony@comcast.net along with their date of birth, whether the subjects are right or left handed, and, their profession and/or desires.  It is also helpful to me if you include a picture of yourself, but not required.

If you have specific questions, include them in the e-mail, however, Tony will only respond to the question if he receives an answer while doing the reading.

(Indicate Right or Left Handed)
QUESTIONS YOU WOULD LIKE ANSWEREDmailto:PalmReading@comcast.net?subject=PALM%20READING

Once we receive your e-mail with the hand images, birthdate, and questions, we will send you a confirmation along with a pre-payment invoice.  Payment can be made by check, PayPal, or credit card.  YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE.

Within 30 days of payment, you will receive a video reading of approximately 20 minutes.  This can be either on You Tube as an unlisted video (only those with the link can view the reading), or, we will mail you a DVD for an extra shipping and handling fee.

A non-refundable $100.00 fee will be charged.  The charge for a DVD is an additional $25.00 for shipping and handling within the continental U.S.  We will not ship outside the U.S.



“My reading was awesome and I am very happy with it.  Just need to watch it a few more times to absorb everything you said.”  Paul B. from Waterloo, IA

“Tony got me. He really got my life, ups and downs. He is excellent, but I already knew that. I am so glad I got this reading. Thank you so much.”  H.F. via E-mail

"I received my reading and it was PHENOMENAL!  You knew things I never really told anyone.  Tony, you have been blessed with such a great gift.  The advice that you offered throughout the reading is truly appreciated."  from Lori F. via e-mail

Thank you so much for the reading! The reading was fabulous and he was spot on with exactly what I'm going through at the moment. I think I just needed to hear that I have the ability to do what I desire.  Amanda K. via e-mail